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Behind the paintbrush



Hello! My name is Richelle Fri, and I am the artist and creator behind Still Waters. Originally from South Africa, I immigrated to Australia in 2001 where I completed school and received a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Southern Queensland. But then I fell in love and moved to Sweden in 2010 where I still live today with my husband and three boys, in a little town called Taberg.

My passion for art has been growing since I was a little girl, with a deep longing to convey through all that I create that transcendent connection between the physical and divine, which on my journey I have found to be Jesus Christ. I am in awe of the love and beauty surrounding us in everything God has created, gently calling us to seek Him. From the stillness of quiet waters, to the roaring of rushing waves, the sun in all it's glory and the heavens that take your breath away... these are just some of the themes that inspire my art, although the works of my hands can never do justice, I pray it will at least point you to the greatest Artist and Creator of all time!

May you be blessed and encouraged as you continue on your journey to finding purpose and truth. And if you feel God calling your name, reach out to Him in the name of Jesus and watch as He turns your darkness into light. If you would like to know more, please read here. 


My preferable style of art has always been to capture realism, especially in drawing or painting portraits (and I will always have a special love for this genre). However in more recent years I have been challenging myself in the world of abstract art, learning to let go of the brush I have been holding tight for so long with every meticulous detail. Nowadays, I love experimenting with watercolours and gouache to achieve a sense of translucency and opaqueness that is parallel to the transient, yet eternal beauty of nature that surrounds us, which inspires my work and brings me to a place of complete awe and wonder of the One who created it all!

My favourite place to draw inspiration from are the beautiful still lakes in Sweden and the majestic coastline of Australia. Standing on the beach staring out at the vastness of the ocean and sky above, feeling so small, yet so loved. Or sitting beside a still lake that mirrors the sky like a sea of glass, feeling complete peace and wholeness that surpasses understanding. This is where I feel closest to God and completely wrapped in His presence. That indescribable feeling I so long to portray in my art, but I know deep in my soul that only faith in God and a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, can one experience the fullness of His love and peace. My greatest prayer and longing is that you would experience that too, and if anything, I hope my art may reflect those prayers and draw you to the heart of God. 

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